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Car Dealer Fees by State – Used Car Dealership fees 2021


Car dealership fees can vary from state to state and also from the dealership you are buying from. Currently, Florida has the highest dealer fees i.e $607 and the lowest is in California i.e $55. Some dealers might not tell their buyers about the fees during the negotiation and bring this up when the deal is almost final.
The dealer fees and extra charges sometimes surprise the buyers especially for those who are not aware of it.

What are the extra charges that are included in Dealer Fees?

It can be sales tax, vehicle registration, and a documentation fee.

Can buyer negotiate dealers documentation fees?

As per the law, the dealers are ordered by the government to charge specific documentation fees from every customer. The negotiation of the price of the vehicle is something you can get the advantage of if the documentation fees are high in your state.

Here is the list of dealer fees as per state:

StateDealer Doc Fees Range of Fees
Florida$607$0 to $999
Colorado$508$249 to $689
Georgia$502$0 to $899
North Carolina$466$0 to $699
Alabama$458$0 to $899
Nevada$431$345 to $599
Virginia$403$0 to $599
Arizona$401$199 to $539
Wyoming$388$205 to $499
Connecticut$357$245 to $499
Kentucky$354$0 to $698
Maine$336$198 to $399
Massachusetts$321$195 to $495
New Hampshire$304$240 to $399
Illinois$155$150 to $155
Utah$293$0 to $398
South Carolina$293$0 to $599
Idaho$286$250 to $314
Mississippi$274$139 to $399
New Jersey$270$98 to $399
New Mexico$263$69 to $349
Ohio$247$99 to $250
Hawaii$245$245 to $245
Oklahoma$235$149 to $399
Kansas$235$119 to $299
Rhode Island$231$196 to $379
Montana$224$99 to $338
Nebraska$222$29.5 to $399
Michigan$220$75 to $214
Missouri$190$0 to $199
Indiana$178$149 to $475
West Virginia$175$85 to $175
Wisconsin$152$89 to $199
Vermont$148$0 to $296
Washington$145$50 to $150
Pennsylvania$144$72 to $250
Iowa$134$89 to $199
Maryland$131$0 to $200
Texas$125$50 to $150
North Dakota$124$98 to $149
Louisiana$103$100 to $100
South Dakota$93$49 to $149
Minnesota$75$125 to $125
New York$74$45 to $75
Oregon$61$50 to $100
California$55$0 to $55
Tennessee$402$289 to $699
Delaware$241$50 to $349
Alaska$458$0 to $899

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