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Hi visitors. Hope you like the post. By the way, I am an IT graduate and have a great passion for Cars. Before your next car purchase, you must search for it in NewlifeCars.com to know most of the details about it. If you have any question related to that post, do comment down below. We will get back to you asap. Cheers!

Suzuki Swift 2018 Specification, Prices in Pakistan

Suzuki Siwft 2018

Suzuki Swift 2018 is going to be one of the most compact car ever introduced by Suzuki in Pakistan.  It is a front engine front wheel drive hatchback. Compared to the previous models, Suzuki Swift 2018 is considerably more aerodynamic. The new Suzuki Swift has a smarter looking front end with …

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Suzuki Ciaz 2018 Specification, Prices in Pakistan

Suzuki Ciaz 2018

Pak Suzuki is quite successful in Hatchback Cars but when it comes to Sedan they have some bumpy rides. After Baleno and Liana, Pak Suzuki launched the primary era of Suzuki Ciaz in 2017. The Suzuki Ciaz 2018 is a front engine, a front wheel power subcompact sedan with exceptional functions …

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